Four rival books, each a separate translation of a single source that is long since lost to time. All begin with the same phrase: "Take me and hide me, for I am the one true light". Every journey begins with a choice and the time has come for you to make yours.

Decipher Your Destiny
The CCG with
serious strategy
  • Explore an innovative combo system
  • Manage space to optimize your plays
  • Outsmart your opponents with clever traps
  • Never play the same game twice
  • Learn the basics in the prologue
Play Your Way
  • Build personalized decks from over 200 cards
  • Climb the leaderboard by defeating nearby players
  • Earn renown and defend your rank from usurpers
  • Battle perfectly matched opponents and challenging AI characters
  • Choose your allegiance and represent your house
Decipher Ancient Secrets
  • Collect the pages from 4 mysterious grimoires
  • Translate all 200 pages through gameplay
  • Align yourself with one of 4 ancient houses
  • Take part in a living story that grows with you

Have your Say
  • Cast spells to vote in weekly Labours that will change the gameplay and story
  • Become a part of the ongoing history of Aster
  • Gain renown and defend your name
  • Buy predetermined spell packs, get exactly what you pay for

Beautiful Hand-
Painted Art

Experience 4 unique art styles hand painted by award winning artists
Visit a fantasy world that looks unlike anything you've ever seen